Werkhandschoen 2 Laags Coating M10

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Working gloves, latex-coated polyester (2 layers), 3141X, size 10, main material: polyester, cover: 1st layer latex, 2nd layer on the palm side, foam latex, abrasion resistance (0 to 4) 3, sharp object cut (from 0 to 5) 1, tear resistance (from 0 to 4) 4, puncture resistance (from 0 to 4) 1, cut resistance according to EN ISO 13997 X, good fit to the hand, application: any transport works, handling, warehousing, storage, assembly works, production of small elements, DIY, automotive, gardening, CE certificate in accordance with EN 388
Polyester met 2 laags coating, laag 1 Latex laag 2 Foam Latex, EN ISO 13997
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