Zaagblad 185x30x60T Multimaterial

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Circular saw blades with HM tips GRAPHITE (ref. 55H546), outside diameter 185 mm and internal 30 mm, it has 60 teeth, allows for higher cutting speed. Circular saw blades based on the special design of the teeth and the use of special carbide. Universal circular saw blades, which doesn't need to be replaced when changing the material being cut. FWF teeth thanks to its special design and a wide part of the comb give guarantees strength. Designed for cutting various types of materials, e.g. steel and aluminum profiles and other non-ferrous metals, such as copper, plastics, wood with small nails, OSB boards, plywood, branches, laminates, etc. The use of compensation cuts reduces the noise level, and the gaps increase the stability of the blade and the accuracy of the cut. Circular saw blades ensures a clean cut.
Blad 185mm, Asgat 30mm, Tanden 60, Geometrische Vertanding, geschikt voor bijna alle soorten materiaal
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