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Drill stand GRAPHITE (ref. no. 56H655), allows to use hand drill as a drill press. It is intended for perpendicular drilling, with a maximum travel 60 mm, with a maximum working height of 400 mm. The holder for the drill allows to mount most of the drills available on the market, both those with the most popular diameter of 43 mm but also 42, 38 and 25 mm through the attached reduction adapters. The tripod head can work at an angle in the range of 0˚ to 90˚. Lever allows for precise vertical guiding the drill. Return spring lifts the drill after the lever has been released. Solid, cast iron base affects the stability of the entire structure. The milled working surface of the base has grooves for attaching clamping grips and vices. Drill stand can be fixed to the worktop tnanks to four holes placed in the base. GRAPHITE brand offers broad range of power tools that meet expectations of professionals.
Werkhoogte 600mm, Adaptor voor 43-42-38-25mm, Graden instelbaar
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