Steek/ringsleutel 12mm, Classic

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Steek/ringsleutel 12mm, Classic
Combination spanners NEO, HEX. The open part of key has profiled jaws, which during operation provide up to four points of contact with the screw or hexagon nut. Better matching open part is less risk of slipping tool. The four points of contact is capable of applying more force without damaging the nut or bolt head (also detached when the device is partially destroyed or is of poor qUKlity). Wink Hexagon provides a perfect fit for screws or hex nut ( reduces the risk of damage to the surface ), and enables the safe application of force . Key thanks to its small size and thickness , allows you to operate in areas inaccessible to other tools . Made in accordance with DIN 3113 , which gUKrantees the qUKlity , usability and reliability of the tool. High-qUKlity chrome - vanadium steel ensures long-term durability. Polished coating for easy cleaning. Key available in 26 popular sizes (6 - 32 mm). Product reliability is confirmed with 25 years warranty. NEO brand meets expectations of professionals.
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