Stiftfrees Type F Spitsboog Afgerond 10x20mm

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Stiftfrees Type F Spitsboog Afgerond 10x20mm
Rotary burr HM, type F (ogival rounded), 10 x 20 mm, 55H371, GRAPHITE, is a high-quality tool for cutting or sawing the treated surface. Designed for materials such as metal, aluminum and plastics. It is designed for a straight grinder (do not use it with a drill). It is characterized by high-quality workmanship, which translates into high durability of the cutter. The use of cemented carbide makes the tool has high hardness, abrasive wear resistance and serves for a long time, even with heavy use. It can be successfully used in harsh conditions. This also translates into high cutting performance. This cutter features double notches that allow easy removal of stocks in hard materials. As a result, small chips are formed which have a much smaller influence on the load on the blades. Due to its diameter, the cutter is dedicated to medium speeds.
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